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Guide Biographies

Jonas Beyard (Chairperson of the ZTGA)

Jonas Bio
Jonas Beyard.jpg

Jonas Beyard is a serious local conservationist and a member of Zomba TREEZ Project. He is the founder of Zomba Tour Guide Association and Nankhunda Transformation, a group of community conservation volunteers. Both organisations were founded with the aim of promoting environmental awareness as well as community participation.

As part of his work for TREEZ and when he is not guiding, he also raises and distributes thousands of tree seedlings to members of his community.

In his spare time Jonas enjoys improving his knowledge and education through self-taught courses, and reading. He has good knowledge about history, birds, flora and fauna and local culture.

He also loves to go exploring, playing football (supports the Mighty Wonderers and Chelsea FC) and listening to music.

Contact details:

Call or WhatsApp  +265 (0) 994 733 305 


Facebook: Jonas Thoko Beyard or Jonas The Best Tour Guide in Zomba (Facebook page)

Frazer Symon - Guide

Frazer Bio

Frazer is one of the youngest members of the ZTGA.

He is enthusiastic, full of energy and a big fan of Atoti Manje’s music. He is also interested in hiking and the flora and fauna on the Plateau.

Contact details:

Call  +265 (0) 996 042 889

Sosten James Ntodwa - Guide


Sosten is a tour guide and a wood carving artist.

Don’t forget to ask him about his work.

He is the joker among the ZTGA and loves to laugh and to tell funny stories

He is also interested in animal husbandry (he keeps ducks and goats and is thinking about buying some sheep).

Ask him about his love for Manganje, the traditional dance, or about Chelsea FC and he will delight you with stories, and a dance.

Contact details Call/ WhatsApp +265 (0) 999 759 741

Thomas Kabota - Guide

Thomas Kabota.jpg

Thomas Kabota is rarely seen without his hat on.

He is always smiling and loves sharing stories.


He is a keen walker and interested in bird watching. 

Contact Details

Call/WhatsApp +265 (0) 993 255 753


Facebook: Thomas Kabota

Chipiriro Luna - Guide

coming soon.png

Chipiriro (known as Chipi) loves hiking and music, R&B in particular. Right now, his favourite artist is Neo Miss! Ask him about his music, he loves talking about it.

He is interested in farming and learning more about trees and plants.


Contact Details

Call/WhatsApp on +265 (0) 998 666 331

Facebook: chipsy Luna

Aaron Linje - Guide

Aeron Linje.jpg

Aaron Linje is not just a tour guide but an athlete as well. In 2019, he ran the Blantyre marathon in 3.05 hours, his second ever attempt at running a marathon and with only 2 months training.

He is also a member of TREEZ.

In his spare time, Aaron plays a lot of football as well as some athletics training. He also delights in showing guests various circus acts. Ask him to balance a stick on his forehead for example!

He also loves exploring (Jonas, Aaron and Symon are often off finding new trails) birdwatching and learning more about the flora and fauna on the Plateau.

When he can, he loves watching comedies on TV.


Contact Details

Call/ WhatsApp +265 995 342 710


Whisky Nteremuka - Guide

Whisky Nteremuka.jpg

Whisky is always smiling and loves to tell jokes to his friends.

He has a background in building, and carpentry in particular and in his spare time, loves to dance to all kinds of music.

Ask him to show you some moves 

Contact Details:

Call +265 (0) 994 7 77 384

Rhemson Mpanda - Guide

Rhemson Mpanda.jpg

Rhemson is most likely to be found at the curio market playing bao with his friends.


He loves games of all kinds but bao is his favourite. He also likes chess.

If you fancy a game, he will happily teach you.

He also loves football, Manchester United and Malawi’s Big Bullets in particular

Contact Details

Call/WhatsApp +265 (0) 991 380 015 or +265(0) 882 441 660

Aubrey Akimu - Guide

coming soon.png

Aubrey has been a tour guide for 14 years and for some time worked at Zomba Forest Lodge before returning to guiding full-time.

He is very sociable and eager to learn. He loves learning new words, in different languages and is curious about everything outside of Malawi.

He has good knowledge of birds and flora and is always keen to learn more.

In his spare time, he loves listening to Lucius Banda, Malawi’s most famous Artist.


Contact Details:

Call +265 (0) 994 775 382

Adam Chipango - Guide

Adam Chipango.jpg

Adam has a ready smile and a story or two to tell about rural life in Malawi.

He loves his family, walking and football.


His favourite teams are Manchester City and the Mighty Wonderers in Malawi.


Contact Details:

Call +265(0) 999 251 317

Douglas Makumba - Guide

Douglas Makumba.jpg

Douglas is another of the tour guides who is rarely seen without his hat!

He might be older, but he is fighting fit.

Always smiling and ready to help, he is one of the most enthusiastic of the guides.

He loves walking and football, especially the Mighty Wonderers and Barcelona.


Contact details:

Call +265 (0) 882 368 352


Rodrick Koreya Sumani - Guide

Roderick Koreya Sumani.jpg

Rodrick is a painter as well as a tour guide. He has a stall on the curio market and will happily show you what he does.

Rodrick also farms vegetables to supplement his income and in his spare time, enjoys bird watching and music, especially Lucius Banda.

Contact details:

Call +265 (0) 994 385 599

Charles Mkwalula - Guide

Charles Mkwalula.jpg

Charles is the musical member of the tour guides.

In his spare time, he loves to sing and to listen to Lucius Banda.

He also loves to read English novels when he can so if guests have any books that they are finished with, he will be a very happy recipient.


Call +265 (0) 992 985 293

Symon Kum’bawa - Guide

Simon Kum'bawa.jpg

Symon has the biggest smile and he smiles more often than not.

He is also a member of TREEZ.

In his spare time, he loves to go exploring with Jonas and Aaron, and is also a keen runner.

He also enjoys learning about birds, flora and fauna.


Call/WhatsApp on +265 (0) 881 501 216

Daniel Ntodwa - Guide

Daniel Ntodwa
Daniel Ntodwa.jpg

Daniel is Sosten’s brother.


Put them side by side and you can see the similarities.

He is the quieter one out of the two but no less gentle and informative.


In his spare time, he enjoys cultivating vegetables, birdwatching and acoustic music.


Call/WhatsApp + 265 (0) 992 612 887

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