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The Plateau

Zomba plateau is an isolated igneous massif rising to an altitude of 2085m at Mlumbe Peak and covers an area of 130 km2.

Much of the Plateau is protected in Malawi’s oldest forest reserve (gazetted in 1913). Much of the Plateau was turned to plantation leaving a few riverine and montane forested areas as well as brachystegia woodlands.

Zomba Plateau is home to a rich variety of birds including some rare and endangered species (white-winged apalis, thyolo alethe).

Until 30 years ago, the Plateau was teeming in wildlife including large herds of antelope but sadly, due to the increase in human population and to habitat loss, many of those animals have disappeared.


Blue monkeys (locally known as samango monkeys), vervet monkeys and baboons are commonly seen and civet and genet roam around at night. There remain some smaller antelope including some duiker and bushbuck but they are extremely skittish. Hyena are often heard at night and the occasional leopard has been spotted.  

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