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Colonial city and market tours

Have fun in an old capital, visit some historic places as well as a walk around the central market. This could be short or a half day trip.

$20 for a group of not more than 5


Lake Chilwa and Chisi island (day trip)

The second largest lake in Malawi covers over an area of 650 square kms though subject to fluctuations in water levels.  The lake is surrounded by flood plains and isolated hills, its waters is shallow, saline and slimy.  Lake Chilwa is also a birdwatching paradise, supporting a great variety of shorebirds and the baobab on Chisi Island hosts hornbills and eagles.

Activities could include canoeing/boat riding, birds watching and workaday African Village that too few tourists to Africa ever get to experience. This is a day trip which might include canoeing and walking in an amazing baobab forest as well as admiring life style of local people on the Island. 

$30 for a group of not more than 5


Chikala Pillars (Malapi) (day trip)

A series of sandstone pinnacles located deep in forest and farmland away outside Zomba. The pillars look like a series of earthen church steeples, all jostling for space in their reach for the heavens.  A place where ancestors used for confession (malapi) and praying to their gods. Birders here may encounter owls and nightjars as they are known to roost in the area’s many hollows and crevices. On  the way back, a short detour to Chilema (paralysed tree) at the Upper Shire Anglican mission station. 

$30 for a group of not more than 5


Zomba rural tours

Enjoy and observe every day village life, learn how hard it is to survive in rural Africa and also how some local foods are cooked/prepared such as the staple (Nsima). Upon request, you can see some traditional dances, watch local/rural football/netball matches or play with or against rural football/netball players/teams.

$20 for a group of not more than 5


Malosa mountain (12 hours)

The whole day hike from Malosa mountain to Zomba mountain across the Domasi valley and find a village from the middle of nowhere whose ancestors ran away from tribal wars.

$ Price negotiable

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